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Integration of electric vehicles in smart distribution grids: regulatory issues

T. Gómez

It is expected that European policies for energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions in transportation will pave the way for new electric vehicle (EV) technologies to progressively penetrate automotive industry sales. Integrating EVs in electric power systems poses new challenges concerning the regulation of the energy sector for system favorable charging scenarios. The rationale behind efficient EV charging is based on minimization of additional asset investment and fuel costs. This presentation proposes a conceptual regulatory framework for charging EVs in different scenarios. The role of two new agents, the charging point manager and the EV aggregator, together with an active participation of distribution system operators is examined. Finally, a roadmap with policy recommendations to facilitate a massive integration of EVs taking full advantage of the future deployment of smart distribution grids is proposed.

9th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable, Chicago, Illinois (United States of America). 03-04 October 2011

Publication date: October 2011.

T. Gómez, Integration of electric vehicles in smart distribution grids: regulatory issues, 9th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable. Chicago, United States of America, 03-04 October 2011

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