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Control of a shunt active power filter based on a three-leg four-wire electronic converter

P. García-González, A. García-Cerrada, O. Pinzón-Ardila

This paper presents the analysis and the application of a current controller in an active power filter (APF) based on a PWM voltage-source electronic converter with three legs and four wires. The neutral wire is connected to the middle point of the DC-capacitor voltage. The controller proposed here is an extension of the one proposed for a three-wire Shunt Active Power Filter. The controller is a two-level nested controller. The outerloop generates the reference current for the inner-loop. The latter, is a state-feedback current controller with integral action. The former consists of (i) a selective harmonic elimination technique and (ii) a DC-capacitor-voltage controller. This paper will focus on the neutral-wire current control and on the balance control of the DC-capacitor voltage. The performance of the control algorithm has been demonstrated using a test-rig with balanced and non-balanced non-linear loads.

Keywords: Shunt active power filters, power quality, harmonic control and voltage-source inverters

6th International Conference-Workshop Compatibility and Power Electronics (CPE 2009), Badajoz, Spain, 20-22 May 2009.

Published: May 2009.

    Research topics:
  • *Power Electronics and Control Systems


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