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Design of damping controllers for doubly fed induction generators using eigenvalue sensitivities

L. Sigrist, L. Rouco

This paper studies the application of eigenvalue sensitivities to design damping controllers of doubly fed induction generators aimed at damping electromechanical oscillations. The design of the damping controller is addressed using eigenvalue sensitivities. The eigenvalue sensitivity with respect to a parameter of a feedback controller estimates the eigenvalue shift when such parameter is changed. The controller design comprises two steps: the design of the phase compensation network and the calculation of the controller gain. The application to a simple test system showed that eigenvalue sensitivities can be used to design effective damping controllers of doubly fed induction generators.

Keywords: Doubly fed induction generators, eigenvalue sensitivity, damping controller, small signal stability

IEEE/PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition, 2009. PES '09. pp. 1-7. 15-18 March 2009

Published: March 2009.

    Research topics:
  • *Stability: large disturbance stability, tuning of frequency loadshedding schemes, excitation control, small disturbance stability, tuning of power system stabilizers, identification of AVR and governor models


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