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Strategic decisions for green electricity marketing: learning from past experiences

M. Pérez-Plaza, P. Linares

Green electricity (GE) has emerged as one of the most interesting instruments for promoting renewable electricity in liberalized markets. Some experiences have already been carried out, but none of them have been truly successful. In this paper we look at previous surveys and studies carried out on customer response, and provide a review of the results achieved by GE experiences. Finally, we provide some strategic recommendations for green electricity retailers. Although the green electricity market remains a difficult one, several improvements can be achieved by learning from past mistakes and carefully analysing the alternatives and the boundary conditions.

Keywords: Green electricity, marketing, renewable electricity

III Congreso de la Asociación Española para la Economía Energética (AEEE). Bilbao, 17-18 Enero 2008

Published: January 2008.

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