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Generalized selective modal analysis

J. Barquín, L. Rouco, H. Raúl Vargas

This paper presents a new more general formulation of the algorithms for reduced order eigenanalysis of Selective Modal Analysis. This formulation instead of assuming an initial separation of the state variables for the modes of interest into relevant and less relevant ones, it uses approximations of the corresponding right and left eigenvectors in the form of reduced order subspaces. The advantage of the proposed formulation is that the reduced order subspaces are updated in each step of the iterative process. The performance of the Generalized Selective Modal Analysis is illustrated in a large scale power system.

Keywords: Power system small-signal stability, Reduced order eigenanalysis, Selective Modal Analysis

2002 IEEE/PES Winter Meeting: Panel Session on Recent Applications of Linear Analysis, New York, New York (United States of America). 27-31 January 2002

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PESW.2002.985198    

Publication date: January 2002.

J. Barquín, L. Rouco, H. Raúl Vargas, Generalized selective modal analysis, 2002 IEEE/PES Winter Meeting: Panel Session on Recent Applications of Linear Analysis. ISBN: 0-7803-7322-7, Nueva York, United States of America, 27-31 January 2002

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