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Thermoelectricity applied to heating of a fuel filter of a car in a cold starting

J. Vázquez, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, R. Palacios, A. Arenas

This paper presents the results of an investigation about the use of thermoelectricity in a car fuel filter in order to prevent the problems associated to its obstruction due to the creation of paraffins when the car is stopped for a long time in an environment where the temperature is very low. Also, it describes the main features ofa redesign of a conventional car filter in order to include tehermoelements able to transfer heat, precisely at the moment of the car starting, from an eutectic fluid to the cold fuel contained in the filter. Several numerical simulations and performance tests of the new designed car filter will be presented

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XIX International Conference on Thermoelectrics. Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. 20-24th August, 2000.

Published: August 2000.

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