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A linearization algorithm for hourly power scheduling in a competitive framework

G. Relaño, J.I. de la Fuente, T. Gómez, D. Soler, Ó. Largo, R. Martínez, F. Aparcero, F. Martínez Córcoles

Energy markets are mostly based on hourly energy transactions traded by suppliers and demanders. The involved agents can satisfy energy schedules resulting from energy markets with different power schedules. Power schedules determine the physical operation of the generation units and affect the requirements of ancillary services. Under the current design of energy and ancillary services markets in Spain, this paper analyzes the transition from hourly energy schedules matched in the energy market to power generation dispatch. The implications of alternative power schedule methods on the use of secondary reserve, the secondary reserve market design, and the operation of thermal units with ramp limits, are deeply analyzed. Two linearization algorithms that provide optimal hourly linear power generation schedules for hydraulic and thermal units, respectively, have been developed to solve the detected problems. Several case examples illustrate the proposed scheduling method.

Keywords: Hydrothermal Scheduling, Ancillary Services Markets, Ramp-rate Constraints

Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC), Belfast, September 2000.

Published: September 2000.

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