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A Comprehensive Tool for Identification of Excitation and Speed-governing Systems for Power System Stability Studies

L. Rouco, J. Zamora, A. Zazo, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, F.L. Pagola

This paper presents a comprehensive computer tool for identification of excitation and speed-governing systems for power system stability studies. Model parameters are determined from system time response using a powerful nonlinear estimation algorithm. The package also includes programs to define models easily, to validate the identified models and even to retune the corresponding regulators to improve the system response. This tool has been validated while identifying a number of excitation and speed-governing systems of large hydro generators of Iberdrola.

Keywords: excitation systems, speed-governing systems, power system stability, parameter estimation.

13th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC '99). Trondheim, Norway. June 28-July 2, 1999.

Published: June 1999.

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