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Unified behaviour model for safety-critical digital systems simulation.

Y. González-Arechavala, F. de Cuadra

This paper presents a unified behaviour model for digital systems, combining both the reactive and transformational (procedural) paradigms. The model is needed as the core of an integrated development environment for safety critical applications, also described in this paper. The main guidelines and principles of the whole line of research are stated. The main proposed ideas arise from actual development experience, aiming at better practical results instead of pure theoretical advances.

Keywords: Safety-Critical systems, Software development methods, Object-oriented technologies, CASE Tools, Software development environments, Real-Time systems.

17th International System Safety Conference

Publication date: August 1999.

Y. González-Arechavala, F. de Cuadra, Unified behaviour model for safety-critical digital systems simulation, 17th International System Safety Conference, Orlando, United States of America, 16-21 August 1999.

    Research topics:
  • *RAMS Analysis compliance with the regulations IEC 61508, Quality Control and Assurance