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A power generation redispatch algorithm for competitive electricity markets.

A. Barrado, E. Lobato, J. Peco, L. Rouco

The technical feasibility of a power generation dispatch in competitive electricity markets consists of not having any overloaded equipment not only in case of normal operating condition but also when any contingency established in the security criteria occurs. In addition, bus voltages should be within their limits. This paper presents an algorithm to determine the minimum cost variation of the power generation dispatch so the security criteria are fulfilled. This problem has been formulated as a linear programming program: the objective function consists of minimizing the cost of the generation dispatch deviation, the equality constraints are the network equations (DC load flow with losses approximation) and the inequality constraints are the branch power flows. The overloads due to the contingencies are taking into account by updating the corresponding brach power flow limits.

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UPEC'99: 34th Universities Power Engineering Conference. 14-16 September 1999.

Published: September 1999.

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