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Multi-area regional interconnection planning under uncertainty.

J.C. Enamorado, T. Gómez, A. Ramos

This paper presents a novel methodology for multiarea interconnection planning under major uncertainties such as: demand growth and level of coordination in planning and operation among regional subsystems. The method takes these and other uncertainties into account by means of defining strategic scenarios which reflect gradual and realistic possible evolutions of the regional subsystems. A decoupled and iterative process between multi-area generation expansion, and transmission expansion is defined for each scenario. A decision analysis framework is incorporated in order to quantify and minimise risks for all scenarios. Existing software tools can be used in a new powerful way. A study of the Central-American interconnection illustrates how the method can be applied to propose a transmission plan which is robust enough in the face of uncertainties.

Keywords: Multi-area generation planning, transmission planning, decision analysis, risk, robustness, flexibility, hedging

13th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC '99). Vol. 1, pp. 599-606. Trondheim, Norway. June 28-July 2, 1999.

Published: June 1999.

    Research topics:
  • *Medium-term tactical planning


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