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A multi-level automatic voltage control system: description, coordination procedures and simulation results

J.L. Fernández, A. Cortés, T. Abarca, J.L. Sancha Gonzalo, J.I. de la Fuente, T. Gómez, J. Barquín

A new approach for a multi-level automatic voltage control system is proposed in this paper. Besides the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) at the generator level, a power plant control level, a regional secondary control level and an optimisation tertiary control level are included to be automatically connected among them. The coordination between the control variables at the upper level with the reference values at the lower level has been investigated. Adaptivity techniques for the power plant controller have been analyzed. The efficiency to achive power losses minimisation, in normal operation states, and the improvement in the face of voltage collapse phenomena, in emergency situations, of the proposed control scheme are analysed. The results obtained with simulations in a real size system are also given.

Keywords: Voltage control, Voltage security, Adaptive control, Hierarchical control

12th Power Systems Computation Conference. Dresden, Germany, 1996.

Published: August 1996.

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