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Hopf limit cycles estimation in power systems.

J. Barquín, F.L. Pagola, T. Gómez

The existence of power systems oscillatory instabilities, often related to the electromechanical dynamics, has been for long time an important issue in the power systems analysis. Traditionally, the small signal analysis has been focused in the eigenvalues computation in a given operating point. However, as shown by nonlinear systems analysis techniques, the scope of small signal, or local, techniques is broader that just the linear analysis. In the case of oscillatory instabilities it is possible to determine the existence and dimensions of an associated limit cycle (a periodic trajectory) which is associated with that instability: the Hopf limit cycle. In this paper an algorithm for the estimation of this limit cycle is proposed.

Keywords: Stability, Hopf cicles

IEEE POWER TECH'95 International Conference, Stockholm (Sweden). 18-22 June 1995

Publication date: June 1995.

J. Barquín, F.L. Pagola, T. Gómez, Hopf limit cycles estimation in power systems, IEEE POWER TECH'95 International Conference. Estocolmo, Sweden, 18-22 June 1995

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