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Damping of Electromechanical Oscillations in Power Systems with Controllable Phase Angle Regulators: Location and Controller Design

L. Rouco, F.L. Pagola

This paper presents tools and methods to study the application of controllable phase angle regulators for damping power system electromechanical oscillations Two problems are discussed: location and controller design. The localtion of a controllable phase angle regulator consists of determining the transformer o the power system where the modulation of the phase shift will be more effective to damp out the modes of interest. It also involves the selection of the input variable to the controller (transformer current, active power, reactive power or complex power). The basic design of the controller requires the design of the phase compensation network and the calculation of the controller gain smaill-signal models of the power system and the corresponding eigenvalue sensitivities will be used to address both location and controller design. A simple test system will be considered to illustrate both issues.

Keywords: FACTS, controllable phase angle regulator, eigenvalue sensitivities, location, controller design.

Proceedings of the 28th North American Power Symposium, pp. 249-256, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts (EE.UU.). Noviembre 10-12, 1996.

Published: November 1996.

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