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A computer package for analysis of small signal stability in large electric power systems

L. Rouco, I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, R. Criado Calero, J. Soto

This paper presents SMAS3 (Selective Modal Analysis of Small Signal Stability): a state-of-the-art computer program package for small signal stability analysis in electric power systems. The core of the SMAS3 package is a program of Reduced Order Eigenanalysis and a program of Complete Eigenanalysis. It also contains a program of Identification of Coherent Areas and an Interface program. The techniques implemented in these programs and their different capabilities are described. Selective Modal Analysis and Modified Arnoldi methods for reduced order eigenanalysis are extensively compared. A real operating point of the Spanish power system is used as benchmark.

Keywords: Small Signal Stability, Complete Eigenanalysis, Reduced Order Eigenanalysis, Coherent Areas.

Proceedings of the 11th Power Systems Computation Conference. Avignon (Francia), Agosto 30 - Septiembre 3, 1993.

Published: August 1993.

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