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Factors that Affect the Connection of Asynchronous Generators to Utility Distribution Networks

M. González, L. Rouco, F.J. Pérez Thoden

This paper studies factors that affect the connection of asynchronous generators to utility distribution networks. Spanish regulation sets that the asynchronous generation must be less than or equal to 0.05 of the short-circuit capacity at the interconnection bus and the power factor must be greater than or equal to 0.86. This paper shows that the maximum asynchronous generation limit could be relaxed if the power factor is improved by installing shunt capacitors and the characteristics of the local load are known. The characteristics of the local load that affect the system response are the fraction of the local load with respect to the total generation and the fraction of induction motor load with respect to the total load. A simple test system has been developed and its dynamic response to several disturbances has been determined to discuss the effects of the suggested factors.

Keywords: Induction Generator, Wind Energy, Motor Load

Proceedings of the 28th North American Power Symposium, pp. 43-49, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts (EE.UU). 10-12 Noviembre, 1996

Published: November 1996.

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