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The environmental costs of wind energy in Spain

P. Linares

This paper summarizes the assessment of the environmental costs of the wind fuel cycle in Spain. It has been carried out within the ExternE Project of the European Commission, and so it has been done following a site-, technology-specific methodology. The main impacts identified have been noise, and the loss of visual amenity. As a result, we have obtained some values for the external costs of wind energy, which have shown to be much lower than those of conventional fuel cycles. It is also important to note that careful planning would avoid most of these costs.

Keywords: Environmental costs, wind energy

EWEA Special Topic Conference '95. pp 160-165

Publication date: September 1995.

P. Linares, The environmental costs of wind energy in Spain, EWEA Special Topic Conference '95. pp 160-165. Helsinki, Finland, 05-07 September 1995

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