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Prototype of heat pump based on Peltier effect. Results of performance tests

R. Palacios, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, J. Villar, A. Arenas

Air conditioning based on the Peltier effect has many theoretical advantages over other air conditioning techniques, such us reliability, control... This idea encouraged the development of a research project oriented to study the feasibility of this technique to industrial and domestic applications. In this project an experimental heat pump has been designed and built to study the behavior of Peltier cells in a real application. In this paper experimental results are shown. A brief description of the heat pump, external equipment and sensors used during the tests is included. The methods used to measure physical magnitudes like flows, heats and temperatures are also described. Several working conditions have been tested to study the performance of the heat pump. We mainly regulated the current supplied to the Peltier cells to different levels. Successful experiments, reaching steady temperatures and power exchange, have been carried out for heating and cooling modes. Results of the most relevant experiments, including the values of steady temperatures, flows and heat power, are shown in this paper. see http://www.iit.upco.es/~palacios/thermo/thermo.html

Keywords: thermoelectric,cooling,applications

Second European Workshop on Thermoelectrics

Publication date: November 1995.

R. Palacios, M.A. Sanz-Bobi, J. Villar, A. Arenas, Prototype of heat pump based on Peltier effect. Results of performance tests, Second European Workshop on Thermoelectrics. Nancy, France, 07-08 November 1995

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