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Evaluation of the impact that a progressive deployment of EV will provoke on electricity demand, steady state operation, market issues, generation schedules and on the volume of carbon emissions

F. Bañez, K. Dietrich, A. Ramos, J.M. Latorre

The objective of the present task is to evaluate the technical, economic and environmental impacts of the introduction of EVs into the power system. More precisely, an estimation of the drawbacks and benefits of the introduction of EVs into the system, and the changes that would arise in its operation are presented. The power systems under study are the Spanish, Portuguese and Greek systems for the year 2020. Three different penetration levels and charging strategies for the EVs are considered to cover possible future scenarios. The introduction of EVs means an increase of the total demand, no matter what charging strategy is adopted, and therefore the following drawbacks result from the deployment of EVs: • Increase in the specific cost of the power system. • Increase in CO2 emissions produced by the power system. However, the introduction of EVs has significant potential benefits: • Reduction in wind spillage. • Reduction in the net CO2 emissions of the country. The introduction of EVs would come with a reduction of internal combustion vehicles, resulting in a total net reduction of CO2 emissions. When applying a charging profile adapted to the power system, EVs may have an equivalent CO2 emissions in a range of 24-70 gCO2/km, while currently in internal combustion engines it is about 130 gCO2/km. Since the demand is increased, the operation must be adapted to the new situation. The necessary changes in generation are mainly absorbed by CCGTs and coal plants. The specific modification of operation, that is the increment in the share of CCGT and coal, as well as the associated drawbacks and benefits that result, are strongly related to the generation mix of the country and the charging strategy adopted by the EVs. If the EVs are charged without taking into account the situation and characteristics of the power system, a reduction of the benefits and an increase of the drawbacks will occur, and even, the CO2 net emissions will not be reduced. […]

Proyecto del IIT: MERGE_EU_FP7 (MERGE)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7 - Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 01-06-2011


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