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User and customer-engagement plan: validated plan for users' recruitment and operation of the cascading funds

J.P. Chaves, N. Morell, K. Glennung, K. Starborg, M. Nilsson, S. Otero, C. Manaresi, N. Silva Aguirre


Executive summary
The aim of this CoordiNet subtask, is to explore the interface between the customers and DSOs to find ways to improve the engagement of the customers and enhance their participation first in the project and in the future markets of new grid related services in the longer term.
As depicted in Figure 1, the work in Task 1.2 (described in this deliverable) is part of Work Package 1 and closely related to task 1.4: “DER Characteristics”. Both mentioned tasks are fundamental for the demo preparation phase and the engagement activities for the three demo countries, Greece, Spain and Sweden. [...]

Proyecto del IIT: Coordinet (Coordinet)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. Horizon 2020 – Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 30-04-2020


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