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Final Spanish demo report results and analysis of the full-scale demonstration

J.P. Chaves, L. Olmos, L. Lind, A. Ivanova, J. Farré, M. Pardo, D. Davi, F.D. Martín Utrilla, C. Ojeda, O. Barreiro, A. Gil Martínez, J.J. Peiró, C. Madina, M. Santos-Mugica, N. Ruiz, M. Barbero, G. Leclercq, A. Debray, V. Benjumeda


Executive summary
This report presents the main results of the Spanish demonstrator of the CoordiNet project. The demonstrator consisted in paving the way to procure flexibility services using different alternative coordination schemes between Distribution System Operators (DSO) and Transmission System Operator (TSO). In particular, four main services were investigated: balancing, congestion management (both at TSO and DSO networks), voltage control (both at TSO and DSO networks) and controlled islanding (at DSO network).
Two demonstrator phases were developed to implement the ambitions of the project and the theoretical developments. Demo Run 1 was focused on testing the coordination schemes for BUC ES1a: Common Congestion Management, BUC ES2: Balancing for generation units and BUC ES4: Controlled Islanding. Demo Run 2 was focused on testing the coordination schemes for BUC ES1b: Local Congestion Management, BUC ES3: Voltage Control and BUC ES2: Balancing for demand units. [...]

Proyecto del IIT: Coordinet (Coordinet)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. Horizon 2020 – Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 30-06-2022


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