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Market and regulatory analysis: analysis of current martket and regulatory framework in the involved areas

L. Lind, J.P. Chaves

Power systems are going through significant changes. At the distribution grid, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Generators (DG)1 are already selling energy into wholesale markets, and in some countries, are already providing services to Transmission System Operators (TSO)2 and Distribution System Operators (DSO). At the same time, DSOs are expected to move from a “fit-and-forget” approach to an active management of the grid. Flexibility from small DER is likely to be aggregated and to help in grid management both at the distribution and transmission level. These evolutions call for greater coordination between TSO and DSOs. The CoordiNet Deliverable 1.1 aims to identify the main gaps, barriers, and drivers for TSO-DSO coordination in the three countries in which CoordiNet demo activities will take place, specifically Greece, Spain, and Sweden. In order to carry out this analysis, firstly, an assessment of the European view on TSO-DSO coordination is done, by analyzing the most recent European regulation and initiatives, namely the Clean Energy Package, the Network Codes, and the European Balancing Platforms, as well as position papers from key policy stakeholders, such as ACER, CEER, ENTSO-E and EDSO. Secondly, an assessment of the current national regulations addressing TSO-DSO coordination topics is provided. This assessment is focused on the three focus countries of CoordiNet. However, it is also supplemented by a survey of additionally EU-28 countries. This survey was answered by Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland. Figure 1 illustrates the methodology adopted for the development of Deliverable 1.1. [...]

Proyecto del IIT: Coordinet (Coordinet)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. Horizon 2020 – Cooperation / Energy

Fecha de publicación: 19-04-2019


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