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Overview of market designs for the procurement of system services by DSOs and TSOs

J.P. Chaves, M. Troncia, C. Damas Silva, G. Willeghems


Executive Summary
The ongoing energy transition requires profound changes in the operation of the electric power system. The decarbonisation of the electricity supply requires pursuing renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. In a decarbonisation scenario, all the resources connected to the power system have to be flexible, adapting their electricity generation or demand level according to the energy availability to increase the hosting capacity of intermittent energy sources and maximise the use of the available resources and infrastructures. Therefore, the energy transition makes imperative the adoption of more interactive electric power system operation strategies. In this context, the project OneNet aims at creating the conditions for a new generation of grid services able to fully exploit demand response, storage and distributed generation while creating fair, transparent and open conditions for the consumer. As a result, while creating one network for Europe, the project aims to build a customer-centric approach to grid operation. This ambitious view is achieved by proposing new markets, products and services and creating a unique IT architecture. [...]

IIT Project: OneNet (OneNet)

Funding entity: European Commission. H2020 – LC-SC3-ES-5-2018-2020

Publication date: 30-06-2021


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