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Economic and regulatory scalability and replicability of the InteGrid smart grid functionalities

R. Cossent, L. Lind, M. Correa, T. Gómez, A.R. Castanho, M. Pereira Morgado, B. Amaral Silva

This report presents the results of the work done in Tasks 8.3 - Economic SRA of the implemented smart grid functionalities - and 8.4 - Regulatory replicability of the implemented smart grid functionalities - of the InteGrid project. The different InteGrid HLUCs are grouped into four different clusters. The first group, named “Flexibility Management for Optimized MV Network Operation”, comprises HLUC01, HLUC06 and HLUC12 (technical VPP). The HLUC01 scope is the short-term management of distributed energy resources (DER) to solve grid constraints (e.g. voltage or congestions) and to optimize MV network operation (such as losses minimization) in different locations and periods. The second group, the “Flexibility Management for Optimized LV Network Operation” cluster, integrates HLUC02, HLUC06 and HLUC09. HLUC02 concerns the voltage control of LV grids instead, leveraging the flexibility from the resources owned by the DSO or the one stemming from domestic customers equipped with the Home Energy Management System (HLUC09). The third group, the “Large customer cVPP” cluster, joins HLUC05, HLUC06, HLUC08 and HLUC12 (commercial VPP). MV industrial customers with flexibility capabilities, such as wastewater treatment plants (HLUC08), can make available their flexibility for manual frequency restoration reserve (mFRR) services to the TSO, through an independent market player known as commercial Virtual Power Plant (HLUC12). Finally, the fourth cluster, named “Office Buildings Aggregation”, combines HLUC10 and HLUC06. Office buildings flexibility equipped with chilling systems can either be exploited to manage imbalances by a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) or to be sold on Frequency Restauration Reserve (FRR) markets. This flexibility is communicated via gm-hub (HLUC06), which is in the heart of InteGrid and is common to all clusters.[…]

IIT Project: InteGrid (InteGrid)

Funding entity: Comisión Europea. H2020

Publication date: 21-02-2020


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