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The application of power electronics to smart grids: opportunities in Madrid region

A. García-Cerrada, J. Renedo, F.J. Rodríguez, E.J. Bueno

This document explains the role of Power Electronic in modern and smarter electric power systems. First of all, the general frame work and main challenges of smart electric power systems are review. It is made clear that electric power system will have to seamlessly integrate distributed generators, increasingly demanding loads and traditional large-scale electric power system. Secondly, the main power electronics application to increase the flexibility of electric power system operation and control are review. The literature survey carried out shows that with the same basic converter topology, many different roles can be implemented with easy changes in software and algorithms. Thirdly, the main obstacles to a widespread of power electronics in electric power system are summarised and two new applications with a promising future are explained. High prices, utilities’ lack of confidence and semiconductor limitations are the three main limiting factors which are preventing a widespread implantation of power electronics in electric power systems. Finally, the content of this document is summarised.


Funding entity: Comunidad de Madrid. Programa Redes Inteligentes de la Comunidad de Madrid (PRICAM)

Publication date: 21-03-2016


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