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Simulation tools for AC/DC systems in smart grid applications

A. García-Cerrada, J. Renedo, F.J. Rodríguez, E.J. Bueno

The available simulation tools for steady-state analysis (power-flow calculation) and dynamic analysis of hybrid AC/DC grids are studied in this report. A description of the most relevant simulation tools for power system analysis and the capability of each tool to deal with AC/DC systems in the context of smart grids is reported here. In particular, the different type of simulators analysed in this work are: • Power-flow calculation tools • ElectroMagnetic Transient (EMT) simulators (EMT average simulators, EMT switching simulators and real-time simulators) • Electromechanical time-domain simulators • Small Signal Analysis (SSA) tools (which can also be of electromagnetic type or electromechanical type) Three test systems have been studied with different simulation tools: (a) an AC microgrid, (b) an AC/DC microgrid and (c) a VSC-HVDC multi-terminal system.


Funding entity: Comunidad de Madrid. Programa Redes Inteligentes de la Comunidad de Madrid (PRICAM)

Publication date: 21-03-2016


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