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Report on the identified barriers and the proposed regulatory solutions for the three task-forces

C. Fernandes , P. Frías , M. Stryg , J. Hansen , J. García-González

The objective of this report is to describe the main regulatory barriers preventing the adoption of each one of the TWENTIES solutions and to propose recommendations to overcome those barriers. For the purpose of this study, the different partners involved in the development and in the impact assessment of each TWENTIES demonstration project were consulted. Main barriers preventing the scaling?up of TWENTIES demonstrations were identified by: Demo 1: Iberdrola and Comillas?IIT; Demo 2: DONG Energy and Fraunhofer IWES; Demo 3: RTE and University of Strathclyde; Demo 4: Energinet.dk and DTU?Risø; Demo 5: ELIA and EDF; and DEMO 6: REE and Comillas?IIT. Based on the barriers identified by the different partners, regulatory recommendations are proposed for each demo. General recommendations at the task?force level are also proposed. Apart from this introduction, this document is divided in four main chapters. The first three chapters perform an integrated analysis for each task?force comprising the main findings of each demonstration, the identified regulatory barriers and the proposed solutions, and a transversal analysis of the task?force for TF 1, TF 2 and TF 3, respectively. Finally, the main conclusions of this study are presented in Chapter 4.


Entidad Financiadora: Comisión Europea. FP7-ENERGY



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