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Prioritisation of technical solutions available for the integration of PV into the distribution grid

M. Vandenbergh , D. Craciun , V. Helmbrecht , R. Hermes , R. Lama , P.M. Sonvilla , M. Rekinger , G. Concas , H. Loew , C. Mateo , P. Frías , E. Collado , Z. Musilova , D. Busek

In 2012 a consortium of 21 partners from 16 EU countries started the PV GRID project with the objective to prepare the grounds for the large-scale integration of photovoltaic (PV) systems in distribution grids across Europe and bring forward concrete suggestions on how this can be achieved. In order to integrate higher shares of PV and other distributed energy resources (DER) in saturated distribution grids, voltage and congestion limitations need to be overcome by technical measures. In a first phase of the PV GRID project, the most appropriate technical solutions have been identified. The suitability of the technical solutions has then been analyzed by involving the expertise of distribution grid operators (DSOs) and other experts. Based on these results, the PV GRID consortium will investigate in a second phase, normative and regulatory actions that will allow a swifter and more economical implementation of the most promising technical solutions. […]

Proyecto del IIT: PV GRID_IEE (PV GRID)

Entidad Financiadora: Comisión Europea. Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE)



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