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Investments in climate-friendly materials to strengthen the recovery package

F. Lettow, O. Chiappinelli, T. Gerres, E. Joltreau, P. Linares, A. Sniegocki

Supporting investments in climate friendly production and recycling of materials as part of the European and national Covid-19 recovery packages can both achieve the short term objective of effective recovery spending for boosting the economy and creating jobs as well as deliver climate and long-term economic benefits. In order to realize the full economic and climate benefits of investment support, a rapid implementation of the policy package envisaged in the European Green Deal is required. […]

Proyecto del IIT: CFMP_ECF_2019 (CFMP_ECF_2019)

Entidad financiadora: European Climate Foundation (ECF).

Fecha de publicación: 01-06-2020


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