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Updated comparative analysis of regulatory frameworks in the target countries

L. Lind, R. Cossent, L. Simons, J.P. Chaves, P. Frías

This document lies under the scope of Work Package (WP) 7 – “CBA, regulatory analysis and business models”. It presents an update on the regulatory landscape, incentives and barriers in InteGrid’s target countries. Therefore, it is a continuation of the work done within WP1, presented in the “Deliverable D1.3 - Current market and regulatory incentives and Barriers”. In this Deliverable D7.1, the Business Models that have been identified from within the HLUCs defined in WP1 are the guide for the discussion. Five business models, some of them split into several sub-categories, are analyzed in this report. These focus on four main types of actors, namely the DSO, the data service provider, the consumer and the retailer/aggregator. A summary of the business models, the main actor pursuing a given business model as well as a brief description is presented in the table below. […]

Proyecto del IIT: InteGrid (InteGrid)

Entidad financiadora: Comisión Europea. H2020

Fecha de publicación: 31-12-2018


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