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Report information

Regulatory and market framework analysis

M. Vallés, P. Frías, T. Gómez

This document screens the regulatory and market frameworks of the target countries within the INDUSTRE project (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) in the context of possible business models for the exploitation of flexible industrial electricity demand (FID) in relation with variable renewable energy (VRE). This document also defines the starting point for discussion with the stakeholders in order to identify the main barriers to exploitation of business models that lead to win-win situations both for FID and VRE. The possible business models for FID+VRE have been structured into those that are based on the reduction of the electricity payments (models A), and those concerned with offering services to the power system (models B). To evaluate the feasibility of the business model, a characterization of the regulatory framework in each country has been made, covering the following topics: current and future structure of generation and demand, industrial consumer pricing, and the current participation of FIV+VRE in wholesale energy markets and their responsibilities and options in relation to the provision of network and system services. […]

IIT Project: INDUSTRE_H2020 (IndustRE)

Funding entity: Comisión Europea. H2020-EU.3.3.

Publication date: 01-07-2015


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