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Report information

The future of basic materials in Spain

T. Gerres , J.P. Chaves , P. Linares

This report created by the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) of the Comillas Pontifical University for the Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITECO) covers three aspects, which are key for evaluating the future production and consumption of basic materials in Spain. In the first part, the view of the European Commission regarding a decarbonized industry and in particular the use and production of basic materials is analysed. In addition, pathways towards decarbonisation within the 2050 horizon are contrasted with other European and international studies. The second part focuses on the historical consumption of basic materials with high CO2 emissions associated to their production. The objective is to identify trends for different European countries and to evaluate the factors that can explain the differences of national material use intensities. This methodology allows us to reach certain conclusions about the likely future basic materials use in Spain and associated CO2 emissions. Finally, a review of possible alternative production technologies for the most used basic materials is presented. The results of this study can help to evaluate non-avoidable emissions that are necessary to satisfy the future demand for basic materials in the EU and Spain.

IIT Project: Estrategia2050 (Estrategia2050)

Funding entity: Ministerio de la Transición Ecológica.



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