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Electric vehicle and power system integration: key insights and policy messages from four CEM workstreams

E. Levina, M. Muratori, E. Gutiérrez, M. Gorner, J.P. Chaves, J. Logan, et al.

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) organised an initiative to facilitate cross-sector collaboration between stakeholders from the power and transport sectors. Its aim is to address concerns at the intersection of electric vehicles (EVs) and the power grids on which they depend for charging. With the number of EVs growing rapidly, pressing questions have emerged on how to integrate them efficiently into the electricity system and ease related challenges. Related topics include the best way to develop and enable solutions that support vehicle electrification and a range of new flexibility opportunities. This report summarises the opportunities to couple the road transport and power system sectors. It articulates policy messages based on current experience, with a particular focus on the role of critical stakeholders in a transformation that crosses multiple sectors. Many of these findings emerged from a highly interactive virtual workshop held on 19-20 April 2020, which engaged approximately 75 international experts from 18 countries and diverse backgrounds. In addition to the workshop, the participants also contributed by completing a questionnaire and interacting on a web platform created in advance specifically for the workshop. The report also integrates insights from the individual participating CEM workstreams, for example, the Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 report from the CEM EVI (IEA, 2020a). […]

Publication date: 16-09-2020


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