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Información del proyecto

Curso sobre «Electric power system modeling for a low carbon economy»

A. Ramos J. García-González

Enero 2013 - Enero 2013

Financiado por Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This 5-session intensive course will present power system analysis techniques that will help in modeling and understanding the role of electric power systems in a carbon-constrained economy. The massive deployment of intermittent renewable electricity generation, the anticipated surge of active demand response or the development of smart grids are among the challenges that have to be faced by the mathematical models for optimization, analysis and simulation of the complex decision making processes in power systems. Apart from a theoretical description of the presented models, the instructors will provide the students with a collection of prototypes that will allow them to run study cases and to understand the effect of the different mathematical formulations on the outcomes. Also the use of these models in some real-world applications will be presented.