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Impact of the integration of wind and solar energy on the operation of power systems: reliability and market prices

A. Ramos J. García-González L. Rouco E. Lobato J.M. Latorre

Noviembre 2010 - Noviembre 2010

Financiado por Inscripciones participantes, Electric Energy Systems - University Enterprise Training Partnership Association (EES-UETP)

Electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES) is being promoted worldwide as a way to decrease CO2 and pollutant emissions. Nowadays special regime generation corresponds to cogeneration, renewable and biomass (photovoltaic solar power, wind power, geothermal, small hydro plants, and biomass and waste power plants) and urban and mining waste. Some of these RES are highly intermittent with sharp changes in power production and difficult predictability. When the ratio of electricity generated by this intermittent generation (IG) to the total system production is small the system operation is not substantially modified, it may be easily considered as a variation in the demand.
However, when the penetration of IG is high enough it may cause problems in the operation and should be taken explicitly into account in the operation models that need to be revisited for including it. In particular, nowadays wind power generation is the most important IG. Other types of IG include solar power generation.