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Información del artículo en conferencia

The value of operational coordination for EV fleet aggregators

O. Oladimeji, D. Pozo, Y. Dvorkin

14th IEEE PowerTech Conference, Madrid (España) Online. 27 junio 2021


The integration of energy systems such as electricity and gas grids and power and thermal grids can bring significant benefits in terms of system security, reliability, and reduced emissions. Another alternative coupling of sectors with large potential benefits is the power and transportation networks. This is primarily due to the increasing use of electric vehicles (EV) and their demand on the power grid. Besides, the production and operating costs of EVs and battery technologies are steadily decreasing, while tax credits for EV purchase and usage are being offered to users in developed countries. The power grid is also undergoing major upgrades and changes with the aim of ensuring environmentally sustainable grids. These factors influence our work. We present a new operating model for an integrated EV-grid system that incorporates a set of aggregators (owning a fleet of EVs) with partial access to the distribution grid. Then, the Cooperative Game Theory is used to model the behavior of the system. The Core is used to describe the stability of the interaction between these aggregators, and the Shapley value is used to assign costs to them. The results obtained show the benefit of cooperation, which could lead to an overall reduction in energy consumption, reduced operating costs for electric vehicles and the distribution grid, and, in some cases, the additional monetary budget available to reinforce the transmission and grid infrastructures.

Resumen divulgativo:

Este documento presenta un nuevo enfoque para el funcionamiento de los sistemas de transporte y energía. Co-optimizamos una red integrada de distribución y transporte de energía compuesta por flotas de vehículos eléctricos. Demostramos que la cooperación entre los propietarios de flotas puede generar beneficios para todas las partes participantes en el sistema integrado.

Palabras clave: Aggregators, Cooperative Game Theory, Electromobility, EV, Aumann Game

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PowerTech46648.2021.9494969

Fecha de publicación: junio 2021.

O. Oladimeji, D. Pozo, Y. Dvorkin, The value of operational coordination for EV fleet aggregators, 14th IEEE PowerTech Conference - PowerTech 2021, Madrid (España) Online. 27 Junio - 02 Julio 2021. En: 2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech Conference proceedings, ISBN: 978-1-6654-1173-8

    Líneas de investigación:
  • Movilidad sostenible y vehículos eléctricos


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