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A review of the 13/2004 quality of service Act (Extremadura)

J. Peco T. Gómez

October 2004 - April 2005

Funding entity Iberdrola Distribución

The goal of this project is to analyse the 13/2004 Act (Extremadura),
which establishes a new quality of service regulation for Extremadura (a Spanish region).

The quality of service targets imposed by the aforementioned Act are more restrictive
than those imposed by the national 1955/200 Act, specifically:

1) All customers must have urban quality of service levels (despite the fact that more than
50% of the region is rural)

2) The distribution company will be penalized whenever a customer suffers more than
1 hour of interruption in a year.

The analysis done is based on the following:
1) The socio-economic optimum distribution network provides different quality of
service levels according to the type of the service area.

2) The assessment of the required investment and O&M needed to comply with
the 13/2004 Act.

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