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Feasibility study of communications systems for the improvement and optimization of clinical practice and surgical

C. Rodríguez-Morcillo R. Giannetti S. Alexandres J. Matanza J.D. Muñoz Frías E. Alonso

January 2014 - March 2014

Funding entity Soluciones Integrales de Desinfección SL (SOINDE SL)

The objective of the proposed collaboration is to carry out a feasibility study on each of these three lines of work:
• To develop, without wires, of instrumentation associated with the electrodes and accessories needed for recording and stimulation in Intraoperative Monitoring.
• To develop of a communication system for remote monitoring and management of various surgical activities simultaneously.
• To develop of a software for Neurophysiology devices that enables greater and better accessibility to the needs of the specialist.
These feasibility studies will enable future decisions on development or not any of the above three lines.

    Research topics:
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Digital communications

Soinde - Electrodos Wireless - Fase I