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Computational model to analyse the response of consumers to prices and charges in an environment of decarbonisation, decentralization and digitalization of electrical systems

J.P. Chaves N. Morell T. Gómez

September 2019 - July 2020

Funding entity Fundación Iberdrola España

The electrical system is evolving towards a low-emission system and, at the same time, developing technological changes which allow a more active participation of consumers in the electrical system, through local generation, electric vehicles or demand management solutions, among others.

The active participation of consumers in the system is conditioned by the price signals they receive. This research project aims to model the reaction of these consumers, so that simulating market prices and the different tariff options for network charges and other regulated charges, this model can determine their consumption patterns changes when they incorporate the technologies listed above. In addition, it is intended to analyse the impact of these changes on the total costs of the system. As a result of these analyses, tariff options that promote efficiency and also consider equity concerns for the cost allocation among different types of consumers may be recommended.

    Research topics:
  • Smart grids
  • Network regulation and tariff design with large shares of DER


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