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Analysis of the Spanish nuclear power plants´ lifespan extension, from the plant owners perspective

M. Rivier T. Gómez J.P. Chaves F. Martín T. Gerres

May 2018 - December 2018

Funding entity Iberdrola S.A

The objective of the project is to analyze the profitability of the extending the lifespan of the Spanish nuclear power plants, from the perspective of the owners of such plants. First, for a set of future scenarios, expected market revenues for those plants are computed for the lifespan extension period, in a high renewable generation penetration environment due first to the expected reduction of their investment costs, and second to the renewable production quotas set by the European Commission. It follows an evaluation of the costs to be faced by those power plants during the lifespan extension period, including the costs they must face to be able to extend the lifespan of those plants. Finally, based on the revenues and costs estimations, the profitability, for the owners of such plants, of extending their lifespan is assessed.

    Research topics:
  • Long-term energy scenarios
  • Green energy integration


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