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Design of robust controllers for damping power system inter-area oscillations: phase II

L. Rouco A. Elices

July 2000 - February 2001

Funding entity EDF (Electricité de France)

In the previous phase of the project, the IIT team developed for Electricité de France (EDF) extensions of the design method of the Desensitized Four Loop Regulator (DFLR) so it can address both local and inter-area oscillations. The design method has been implemented in a Matlab toolbox. However, further developments would be required to fully understand the performance of the new regulator and to provide a method that could be applied to large-scale power systems.
The aim of phase II of the project will be to understand the performance of the new regulator (known as an Extended Desensitized Four Loop Regulator, EDFLR) compared to the current DFLR and to classical solutions with an AVR+PSS structure. In addition, the procedure to extract the parameters of the design circuit from a large-scale power system model will be developed. The efficiency of EDFLR will be tested on a large-scale power system.

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