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Project information

Energy and Poverty 2018

E. Centeno J.C. Romero R. Barrella

January 2018 - December 2021

Funding entity Fundación Naturgy, Endesa, EDP, Sedigas, Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorros (Funcas)

Participated by Asociación de Ciencias Ambientales, ATD cuarto mundo, Cáritas, Cruz Roja, EAPN, Ecodés, Energía sin Fronteras, Fundación Tomillo

Search and implementation of solutions to the problem of poverty and specifically when it is related to energy. For this, we focus our action in two specific directions: (1) to carry out an interdisciplinary research focused on reality and (2) to serve as a meeting point to facilitate contact between entities and people involved in the fight against energy poverty.

We understand interdisciplinary research, not only as the sum of the research in the different areas that from our University contribute their approach to the solution of poverty in the field of energy (engineering, social work, law, business) but as a true sharing of knowledge that allows a vision beyond the approaches of each discipline. A crucial element in this way of working is to combine an approach from the general to the particular with an approach based on direct contact with the problem of poverty linked to energy.

Regarding the vocation of being a meeting point, the Universidad Pontificia Comillas wants to contribute to the fight against energy poverty its privileged position as a university entity that emphasizes service to society, and become a forum for reflection , research and dissemination of results with the participation of researchers from the University and external agents of the academic, business, welfare or social sectors and public administrations, for the analysis and monitoring of energy poverty, mainly in Spain, but also in Europe.