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Future scenarios and global sustainability indicators for a sustainable and self-sufficient biocity (BIOCAS)

P. Linares Y. González-Arechavala A. Santos-Montes C. M. Sastre J.C. Romero

January 2011 - December 2013

Funding entity Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción

The objectives of the project are twofold, although very much related. On the one hand, we define future scenarios to make them compatible with the structural scenarios assumed for biocities, and to assess the behavior of the biocity for each of them. We also assess the contribution of algi to biocities and to the general environment of the scenarios proposed. On the other hand, we propose a set of global sustainability indicators for biocities, considering energy and environmental sustainability indicators, and also introducing economic, social or human capital indicators.

    Research topics:
  • *Energy systems: Heat transfer, Fluid dynamics, Thermoelectricity, Hydraulic and thermal machines, Energy efficiency and savings
  • *Long-term strategic analysis
  • *Analysis of sustainable energy policies

Biocas 2011-2013

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