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Analysis of power system operation constraints: Phase II

L. Rouco E. Lobato J. Peco

November 1998 - September 2000

Funding entity REE (Red Eléctrica de España), en colaboración con Indra SSI

This project continues the efforts of IIT and Indra SSI to develop a system constraints analysis program for Red Eléctrica de España. Red Eléctrica is the Spanish system operator. The analysis of system constraints comprises three steps: (1) the construction of the hourly scenarios of the operation of the Spanish power system, (2) the contingency analysis and (3) the preventive generation dispatch.
The second phase of the project has involved the development of a contingency analysis program. In addition, a preventive generation dispatch programs is being developed. The contingency analysis considers the loss of all branches, the generators greater than a selected threshold, the double circuit lines that share towers of more than 30 km and the simultaneous loss of certain generators and lines. The preventive dispatch algorythm determines the minimum cost changes of the generation dispatch resulting from the market clearing that alleviate the overload branches and that solve the voltage problems. The preventive generation dispatch is organized into two components: the active power preventive dispatch and the reactive power preventive dispatch. The active power preventive dispatch addresses the overload branches whereas the reactive power preventive dispatch solve the voltage problems.

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