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I am Professor of Industrial Engineering of the ICAI School of Engineering, Director of the BP Chair on Energy and Sustainability, and co-founder and Director of Economics for Energy. I am also a researcher at the Institute for Technology Research (IIT) and Affiliate Researcher at the MIT CEEPR. Currently I also serve as Director of the International Doctoral School of Comillas Pontifical University.
Regarding my teaching and research, I would define myself as a jack of all trades (accepting of course the downside of it). I am interested in many topics, most of them connected by a broad idea of sustainability, understood as an integral concept that encompasses economics, the environment, social capital, innovation, and justice. I mostly devote my research to study the relationship between energy, economics and environment, and specifically sustainable energy policy, energy efficiency, and energy models; but I am also interested in decision making (in particular multiple criteria decision methods), social justice, higher education policy, and some others. I have published about most of these issues in the usual journals relevant in the field. I have also been a consultant for several private and public firms and institutions in Spain, Europe and Latin America. I'm a member of AEEE-IAEE and the International Society on MCDM.

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Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Alberto Aguilera 23
28015 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 91 5406257
Email: pedro.linares at

Disclosure Statement

As may be observed from my list of projects, my research has been mostly funded by many private firms, NGOs and public institutions, mostly related to the energy sector. I also carry out part of my research in the BP Chair, funded by BP Spain. In addition, I own some shares (really small, as corresponds to a Spanish professor's salary) of energy firms dealing with renewables and energy efficiency, since these are firms which I think will or at least should have a bright future.
According to the usual codes of conduct, I should not take a position on any issue related to the firms or institutions that pay me directly or indirectly. However, that would mean not taking a position on anything related to the energy sector, something difficult for someone working on real issues of energy policy and economics...While I wait for some independent philantropist interested in funding my research, my only defense against this conflict of interest is my deep commitment to academic freedom, by which I declare that the results, conclusions and opinions stated in my papers are my sole responsibility (jointly with my co-authors if any), and do not represent the views or have been mediated by these firms and institutions. In fact, you may easily see that some of my opinions are clearly against the interests of some of them...