imetroiMetro: Subway best route calculator

There are three versions currently available or under development:
  1. iMetro WebApp is a JavaScript-based page that includes the search algorithm.  This application can be run in any web browser with JavaScript support.  Moreover, using services as iWebSaver it is possible to create a "permanent" link to run the application any time, even without Internet connection. However, it is very slow for large cities.
  2. iMetro PHP is a web application to be used exclusively on-line, since all the routes have been pre-calculated and are stored in IIT database server. This version is faster! In fact the JavaScript algorithm running in mobile devices proved to be infeasible for large networks such as Paris, London or New York
  3. iMetro Multi-City is a native application developed for the iPhone using Apple iPhone SDK that can be run without Internet connection. Your wireless link is only used to download pre-calculated routes for the cities that you would like to add. This version is as fast as PHP but runs locally.
iMetro Multi-city at Apple Store


For comments or reporting problems, please email:

Interested in another city? If you are able to gather all the information about the metro in any city, we will run the optimization algorithm on that city and we will make it available for free to all users. (however we can only make a few cities per months, an only if we don't have exams that month). The required information is basically:

iMetro was developed by: Rafael Palacios, Ernesto de la Rocha, and Andrés Ramos, This page is hosted by Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT)