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Rafael Palacios. Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, SPAIN

Configuring WiFi at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Eduroam)

Comillas supports Eduroam, an agreement among world-wide universities and research institutes to provide WiFi access to all faculty and students. Configuring Eduroam access in your iPhone/iPad/iPod you will have Internet access in many Universities (more than 100 only in Spain) using your Comillas login and password. 1   2   3   4  

How to use your iPad efficiently in class

Daniel Lestón, student of ICAI School of engineering at Comillas University suggest several iPad applications to help you in class: Note taker, iStudiez and iCircuit.
Cómo usar tu ipad para tomar apuntes y estudiar

How to print from iPhone/iPod/iPad

How to see your tracking data

Since your iPhone stores coordinates of cellular towers in a local file and that file is part of your iTunes backup, it is possible to display the places that you have visited.
I recommend iPhone Tracker (for Mac) that automatically finds the file in your latest iPhone backup (unless you have choosen to encrypt your backup) and displays the data as a layer over OpenStreetMap. You can zoom and use the time scroll, quite fun!

MacOS Download

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Example of my trip to Acadia National Park
iphone track

How to load a DVD movie into your iPhone/iPod/iPad

One way to load a movie into the iPhone/iPod/iPad is to buy the movie at iTunes.  However, if you already bought the movie in a DVD, you should be able to load the movie into the iPhone following the next steps:

How to keep your contacts organized in groups

The iPhone supports groups of contacts, so when you need to find a phone number or email address you may select "All contacts" or a particular group.
In the Mac iPhone contacts are syncronized with Contacts App, which also supports groups. In windows groups only appear if iTunes synchronizes contacts with Outlook .  Although groups are supported in Yahoo!, if iTunes is synced with Yahoo all your contacts will appear together ("All contacts" style).  Using Outlook you may organize your contacts in "Folders" ("Carpetas" in the spanish version) and those folder names are converted into Groups in the iPhone.
MobileMe also support contact groups.

How to store websites or applications permanently

The iPhone can store URLs of website or WebApps in the bookmark list or at the home screen (since version 1.1.3). However, HTML pages cache expires shortly, for example every time you power off your iPhone, so you cannot use those pages/apps without Internet access or while in Ariplane mode.
The web site iWebSaver allows you to generate a "data:text/html..." type of link which includes all the information in the page. In this way a copy of the whole page is stored locally as a (long)bookmark that you only need to update when the application is updated. This is usuful for applications designed to work without active Internet connections such as iMetro.

How to extend your battery life

There are three recommendation to avoid running out of battery too often:

How to legally unlock an iPhone 3GS

Very recently (spring 2012) AT&T has started to Factory Unlock iPhones, if you have met contract requirements. The procedure is very simple, and it's free! However... some people have been waiting for the legal unlock nearly two years, and they turned to the black side and performed a software unlock after jailbreak. If in this process the baseband was updated to 6.15 (iPad BB) then the procedure of Restoring does not work. Any iTunes Restore with Apple software (original IPSW files) apparently breaks the baseband and the SIM card becomes unreachable. You will get the message:
"There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate"
In that case the solution is to downgrade de baseband to version 5.13 and then proceed with the iTunes restore. Baseband downgrade is possible thanks to @MuscleNerd as one of the options in redsn0w since version 0.9.14b2.



Program that finds the best routes between two stations in a subway (metro) network