Previous editions of this workshop have been organized by University of Manchester (2006 and 2007), Arizona State University (2008) and ETH Zürich (2010). With the sponsorship of IBERDROLA, Prof. Luis Rouco from Comillas Pontifical University and Prof. Antonio J. Conejo from University of Castilla - La Mancha have organized this edition that took place in Villarino, Salamanca, Spain, October 3 - 6, 2012. Iberdrola hosted the workshop in its magnificent Hotel Dirección, in Villarino, Salamanca, and arranged a technical visit to the Aldeadávila Hydro Power Station.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together PhD students who are just about to graduate or recent PhD graduates from leading power systems research universities. During the workshop the participants present and discuss their research projects, but time is also allocated to social activities to create bonds among these young researchers. Such ties will serve them throughout their future careers.

Below you can access this year's list of participants, the program, abstracts and presentations, as well as pictures from the workshop.

Next Generation of Researchers in Power Systems 2012
The detailed programm of the workshop can be found here.
The participants' presentations and abstract are listed below according to the corresponding session:

External presentation:
o    Pedro Martinez Cid, Deputy Director, Iberdrola Corporate Innovation - Iberdrola innovation strategy 

Session 1: Reserve scheduling and uncertainties
o    Aonghus Shortt - Quantifying, Analysing and Responding to Power System Variability
o    Maria Vrakopoulou - Toward optimal day ahead planning under uncertainty: security guarantees and reserve scheduling
o    Héctor Chávez Oróstica - Adequacy of primary and secundary frequency control reserves in high wind penetration scenarios
o    Efthymios Karangelos - Toward Full Integration of Demand-Side Resources in Joint Forward Energy/Reserve Electricity Markets

Session 2: Wind power investments
o    Luis Baringo - Risk-Constrained Multi-Stage Wind Power Investment 
o    Athena Wu - Evaluating Investment Options with Wind Integration using Markov Decision Processes
o    Pradeep Kumar - Information Architectures for Power Control Centers

Session 3: Distribution system and ESS application
o    Daniel Olivares - An Energy Management System for Microgrids
o    Krishnamurthy Dvijotham - Algorithms for Distributed Control and Planning in a Grid with a High Penetration of Renewables
o    Meidan Zhang - Study on Optimal Energy Storage System Operation Strategy
o    Rafael Cossent - Adapting distribution network regulation to the upcoming challenges
o    Simon K K Ng - Probabilistic Optimal Sizing of Stand-Alone PV System with Modeling of Variable Solar Radiation and Load Demand

Session 4 – Transmission expansion
o    Leonardo S. de A. Martins - A nonlinear primal-dual interior-point method for the hydrothermal scheduling problem with transmission constraints in the Brazilian Power System
o    Hui Zhang - A Linearized AC Network Model for Transmission Expansion Planning
o    Heejung Park - Integration of Renewable Energy in Texas
o    Alberto Pagnetti - Cable modelling for electromagnetic transients in power systems

Session 5: Frequency regulation and stability
o    Panayotis Moutis - Ancillary Services as offered by Virtual Power Plants - The Paradigm of Load-Frequency Control by Wind Generators
o    Lukas Sigrist - Design of UFLS schemes of Small Isolated Power Systems
o    Sean Norris - Application of Power Flow Tracing to Preventive Islanding

Villarino, Salamanca, Spain
October 3-6, 2012

Pictures of the workshop:
o    Pictures