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Simulation Outputs

  • Number of registered nodes as a function of time
  • Number of switches in the network as a function of time
  • State of the SN (i.e., Disconnected, Terminal or Switch) as a function of time.
  • Statistical values for the availability of PRIME nodes as a function of time.
  • Number of correct read attempts as a function of time.
  • Percentage time on each state.
  • Number of nodes depending on each Switch.
  • Statistical and instantaneous values for the node queue length.
  • Statistical values for the round-trip latencies when reading a node.
  • Statistical values for the time needed to read all nodes in a network.
registersEvolution SwitchEvolution BNQueueLength latencies_SN LogicalTree

In addition to this, the following features are currently under development:

- Instantaneous topology graph, with capability represent evolving changes in dependencies.

- Node geographical location (with or without OpenGIS integration).