Robert Schuman Center, European University Institute, Florence European University Institute
IIT Forum on Global Climate Strategies beyond 2012: 
The Route Ahead
Madrid, Spain, April 11th to 13th, 2007 


Under the auspices of the European Commission, the Council of European Energy Regulators and the Spanish Ministry of Environment, the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) at the European University Institute is organizing a high-level meeting to identify the most promising global climate change strategies beyond 2012.

The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate an exchange of views among the major stakeholders on the general nature and scope of both long and short term international climate change actions, by establishing an informal dialogue among key influential people on possible ways to move forward.

This Forum is an independent initiative whose distinctive feature is bringing together people who have a major role in shaping the future global climate strategies, because of their recognized conceptual contributions to this topic, their significant influence in the decision making process, and/or their prominent position as leaders of major energy companies, industry, financial institutions or non-governmental organizations. Attendance about one hundred people will be by invitation only. The topics will be discussed as thoroughly as possible, but without the pressure to arrive at final agreements or to result in any commitments.

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